"When the opportunity arose for our 9yo son to have 1-on-1 coaching with Mark Williams, we took it up immediately. We have been consistently impressed with Mark's coaching style. He is always positive and encouraging, and each session is different to the last. Our son has enjoyed his time with Mark immensely and always looks forward to the next catch up. During the sessions he not only coached our son, but us as parents too. He involved us in the drills and offered insights into how we could use them at home. Mark's expertise and knowledge of the game is obvious, and combined with his natural teaching ability, allowed him to quickly recognise flaws in technique and immediately correct them. Taking our own videos was invaluable in reminding us what we needed to practise during the week. We have been extremely happy with Mark's coaching, so much so that we look forward to being able to book him in the future for more sessions. For anyone who wants to improve their skills and be pushed outside their comfort zone, we highly recommend him. He was everything we expected, and more. Thank you Mark."

Miriam & Steve


The reason we booked the session with Mark was to improve and development our son as a footballer. Mark showed genuine care and a desire to make our son a better footballer, his honest feedback, teachings of the game lead my son to say that he learnt more about football in that one hour session than he had previously. Mark's ability to see the weaknesses in our son and provide solutions, homework and then offer to provide further feedback during the week was exceptional. We can see the reasons why this man has had the success he has had and to impart skill, words of wisdom in an honest fashion was exactly what we required.

Sam Heenan, Footballer


Improving your footy smarts through Zoom - WOW. Training your footy smarts in a purposeful way is the best way to describe zoom sessions with Choco. You dissect and understand- attacking and defensive positioning, running patterns, decision making, ball use and any other relevant attributes to your position and style as a player.At the end of each session, we goal set for my up-coming game & then review my progress the following week for those targets set. All the learning from zoom can be applied at training as you get to watch video of actual AFL players performing training drills to do that will improve the attributes you need to perform on game day. To have a world class coach who has played the top level, won a premiership as senior coach and mentored the superstars in our game today. I’m excited to continue growing and learning off of these sessions. 

Matthew Belbasis


With football in hibernation and organised team sessions unavailable we couldn't believe our luck when we found Mark on this website. My son in NAB League and still motivated to continue his football development, gaining access to someone with Mark's experience and insights is invaluable. For anyone interested, Mark will challenge not only your skill & execution but also your mindset and footy 10. Above all the sessions are held in great spirit and a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks Mark.

Max Gregory, Footballer


Mark's reputation as an amazing football brain is well known. I found him to be a wonderful coach and delivered honest feedback in a manner which was refreshing. Mark went above and beyond to deliver wonderful the content which allowed me to get so much of the session. The hints and tips that he delivered was like light bulb moments for me. I look forward to implementing what I have been taught in my training sessions and games. Couldn't recommended Mark more highly.

James Maher, Footballer


Mark provided 4 main points of value in our first session 1. Brutally honest in feedback 2. Simplifies and breaks down developing skill and game sense 3. Can teach the psychology of footy and how to use that to perform 4. Gave at advice and drills as homework to get better between sessions. 100% recommend to any footballer who is serious about their footy development.

Matthew Belbasis, Footballer


Mark has been coaching my 5 year old for about a month now and the improvements I have seen in such a short time is truely remarkable! Not only has he perfected some of his skills but also his ability to adapt his skills to suit a child of such a young age, and let's face it teaching a 5 year old footy skills would be challenging for any coach! We really appreciate what he has done for Levi.

Levi Morsman, Footballer

Sensational, exceeded expectations

8 year Jensen loved every minute with Mark. Mark showed very quickly why he is held in such high regard in the football world. We would recommend Mark to anyone no matter the age, to spend time with him to improve your football skills. The session was fun, fast, informative and educational -perfect! As soon as Jensen got home he was working on the drills he was given by Mark to improve his skill set. Jensen can't wait for his next session with Mark.

Jensen Wheeler, Footballer


As a coach dedicated to junior development, I can recommend making time to spend with Mark. His credentials are phenomenal and within minutes you see why. Mark is clear, passionate and generous with his time and ideas. I couldn't recommend Mark high enough and the proof is in the pudding as my next training session with immediate results with my juniors, I heard "wow! These methods really work". Also, grab as many Precision footballs as you can. My club certainly is. Thanks Mark

Rod Miller (for son Jack), Footballer