Due to currently working Full time as Head of Development – Mentoring Coaches & Players at Melbourne FC - Only Limited Opportunities Available

The Champion Teams' Program

Working with you to analyse your group's needs
Mentoring your leaders over Multi Sessions
Creating your own Champion Team
Growing your Business

“I’m incredibly Passionate about Helping People
You, Your Team, Your Business to Flourish"

"While Others Say you Can’t - I Know you Can!
. . . Let me Show you How"

Game Plan

Recruit Well

Develop Your Leaders

Create a Great Environment

Build Culture & Pride in Organisation

Set Goals & Know Your KPI's

Topics Covered

Becoming Number 1

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Improving Teamwork

Mentoring & Individual Development

Increase Understanding & Care

Diversity & Growth in Workplace

Hunting Your Opposition

Injury Prevention & Workplace Safety

Loss, Disappointment and Resilience

Performance Under Pressure

Reward & Recognition

Create, Adapt & Innovate