The Kick Doctor


The Kick Doctor

Send in your video,
I will send back the Solution

Use a Phone to Video Your Kicking

Film the Player Kicking from Straight in Front


Film the Player Kicking from their Kicking Foot Side

I Will Send Back Solutions to Your Problems


Simply Upload Your Clip to Facebook or YouTube

Clips Must be NO LONGER than 30 Seconds

Other Footy Skills are Also Available for Video Analysis


Before submitting to The Kick Doctor, make sure you have uploaded your video to either Facebook or Youtube. If you are using Youtube to submit your video, you may wish to set the video to unlisted. If you are unsure of how to upload to Youtube or Facebook, use the following links to guide you through the process.

How to upload to Youtube - How to upload to Facebook

Video's should be filmed no more than 10 metres away, a maximum of 30 seconds long, and contain both a front on and side view (from the kicking leg side) of you kicking a footy.

If you are submitting video of a different footy skill, please specify what specific skill you would like help with.

Solutions supplied will be in written & video form


$50+GST per each 30 second video

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